Embossed PVC sheet

Embossd pvc stone sheet is a patented product of Linyi Lusheng Decoration Material Co., Ltd. This product is mainly used for wall decoration materials. The regular size of the product is 1.2m*2.44m*3.3mm, or 1.2m*2.9m*3mm, etc. The width is 1.2 meters and the length can be customized. The thickness is generally 3 mm, or 3.3 mm
Waterproof Embossed pvc sheet is mainly used for interior wall decoration. It can be used in offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, home decoration, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. It has a wide range of uses.

The advantage of embossed stone PVC sheet is waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, environmental protection and pollution-free, easy to install, fireproof, various colors, easy to clean, etc. Another feature different from PVC wall panel is anti-scratch. The surface of PVC marble wall panel is hot stamping film paper, the surface is UV coating, and the product has high brightness. Embossed belongs to the matte series, and the surface is made of PVC paper, which is more wear-resistant.

The surface of Embossed pvc sheet is made by special process. The base material is PVC and calcium powder, and the surface is PVC paper. After special process pressing, the uneven texture of the surface is produced, and it will look similar to the surface of real marble visually. .
Linyi Lusheng Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is a patent company of Embossed pvc sheet, which has the legal protection of exclusive operation. There are more than ten kinds of patterns and nearly one hundred kinds of colors, and the range of choices is very wide. Embossed pvc sheet is very popular international new decoration material.

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