PS wall panel

The new environmental and waterproof wooden PS WALL panel produced by Linyi Lusheng Decoration Material Co., Ltd.It is a new type of decoration material. The width of the product is 12 cm, 16 cm, 20 cm, etc., and the length can be customized. These products are currently mainly used for interior decoration, such as matching with our company’s PVC wall PANEL, PVC marble sheet, or used alone. It is used for indoor TV background wall, or area matching design, or whole wall decoration.

Wood alternative PS wall panel is characterized by novel styles and various colors, some of which are bright and some of them are classic. The optional colors of the product are: wood grain color, brown, white, coffee color, gold, silver, pearl color, light blue and so on. The same product can be matched with multiple colors, such as coffee base color, black side, or brown with gold, which can meet the requirements of different decoration styles.

PS 3D wall panel’s advantages include waterproof, easy installation, environmental protection, easy cleaning, health and environmental protection, various styles, and various collocation schemes.
PS wood alternative wall panel Scope of application: TV background wall, hotel, conference room, hospital, chandelier, staircase wall and other interior decoration
Linyi Lusheng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and has been producing PS wall panels for 20 years. PS 3D wall panel is currently widely loved by customers all over the world. Purchasers from many countries have signed agency agreements with our company
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