WPC 3D wall panel

WPC WALL PANEL,the material is PVC and wood composite, commonly known as Great Wall panel in China, named after its surface shape similar to the Great Wall of China. The product width is 155mm wide, 160mm wide, 168mm wide, 175mm wide, etc. The length can be customized. Products include indoor and outdoor wall panels, which can be matched with PVC wall PANEL or used alone. Used for indoor TV background wall, or area collocation design, or whole wall decoration, or for section division and isolation

The advantage of WPC WALL PANELl is 3D effect,various colors, such as wood grain color, marble color, skin color, metal color and so on.

This product is made of PVC material as the base material, and the surface is pasted with PVC mold paper. It is very convenient to decorate the room.

The characteristics of the product itself are waterproof, fireproof, easy to install, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, healthy and environmentally friendly, with various styles and various matching schemes.

Wood  alternative WPC WALL PANEL produced by Linyi Lusheng Decoration Materials has sold well in more than 60 countries, and has received recognition and promotion from many customers.

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